Dragon Fruit Brews

By: iTi Innovation

Dragon fruit is the perfect, exotic ingredient to incorporate into beers. Not only does dragon fruit have a slightly sweet, mild flavor, it also has a very vibrant, magenta-ruby color. Adding dragon fruit puree to a pale ale or light beer will give it a pop of color, as pale or as vibrant as desired, to make it stand out from the crowd. In addition to a great color, dragon fruit can give a beer a unique, tropical flavor. A brew blended with dragon fruit will appeal to all customers;   

  • The sweetness in the fruit compliments acidity-perfect for sour beer fans.  
  • It is a unique ingredient-perfect for craft beer fans.  
  • It has a fruity flavor-perfect for those that enjoy fruity beers.  

Since dragon fruit has a mild flavor, it blends very well with most fruits including banana, guava, coconut cream, pineapple, papaya, and mango. Adding dragon fruit to recipes brings an exotic feel and natural color to the finished product without overpowering the palate with flavor. 

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