Coconut Water – The Ideal Ingredient for Your Product Line

By: iTi Innovation

What is Coconut Water and Where Does It Come From?

Coconuts are derived from the coconut palm, a tropical tree with the Latin name Cocos nucifera. The coconut palm tree grows in tropical regions around the equator, and upon reaching maturity it can stand 65 to 72 feet tall. Coconuts can be harvested year-round, and each tree typically yields 50 to 80 coconuts per year. Coconuts have several layers that protect the liquid coconut water that’s in the center. Coconuts have a hard-outer skin (exocarp), followed by a thick, fibrous husk (mesocarp), a hard shell (endocarp), white coconut kernel or “meat” (endosperm), and finally a large cavity at the core of the coconut filled with liquid – the coconut water!

Coconut water is the clear liquid collected from the interior of the coconut. This should not be confused with coconut cream or milk, which are pressed from the white coconut meat. Coconut water is collected and then processed into either single strength coconut water (approximately 4  ͦ Brix) or coconut water concentrate (approximately 60  ͦ Brix) for use in a wide variety of finished product applications.

Why iTi Tropicals is So Excited About Coconut Water

Coconut water is a versatile ingredient that can be utilized in a myriad of different ways to achieve consumer satisfaction. iTi’s Innovation Team is constantly coming up with new and exciting ways to use coconut water! Coconut water can be enjoyed on its own as a cool and refreshing beverage, or blended with other juices to offer a 100% juice product that is lower in sugar and caloric content. In addition to juice applications, coconut water can also be introduced as a key ingredient in cocktails, smoothies, frozen treats, savory sauces, salad dressings and more! Coconut water is a well-rounded ingredient with the ability to enhance nearly any product formula in a positive way. Think about some of your brand’s most popular products, and consider how can you use coconut water to take them to the next level!

Coconut Water as a Tool to Improve Applications and Appeal to Consumers

Coconut water appeals to consumers on many different levels. The juice industry is currently under pressure to decrease the sugar content in juices, and coconut water is a “clear” answer to this dilemma! Coconut water blends seamlessly with other juices because it does not compete for color, or flavor. It also contributes to a smooth mouthfeel while meeting consumer demands for lower-calorie beverage options they can feel good about consuming. To top it off, coconut water has the added benefit of electrolytes, which makes this an appealing choice for individuals with an active lifestyle.

Consider including coconut water in your formula for your next application, and experience its versatility for yourself!

iTi Tropicals offers a wide variety of coconut water products. To learn more about what iTi Tropicals coconut waters can do for your product line, check out our coconut water product page and our coconut water FAQs.

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