Coconut Water: Low in Sugar and Calories!

By: iTi Innovation

Why You Should Be Using Coconut Water in Your 100% Juice Blend

Driven by consumers’ active, fast-paced lifestyles, the quest for healthy, functional beverages is on the rise – and coconut water is the answer!

Using coconut water as a beverage ingredient presents the opportunity to create 100% juice blends that are simple yet innovative, and lower in both sugar and calories. The flavor combinations are endless! Coconut water blends seamlessly with other juices because of its mild taste and aroma. It also has a translucent color, so it blends beautifully with high color juices such as cranberry, blackberry, raspberry, cherry, passion fruit and grape. But the best part about Coconut Water is that it contributes a high electrolyte content with lower calories and sugar, making it the perfect addition to any 100% juice blend.

Since consumers are becoming increasingly more health-conscious than in previous years, they are seeking out beverage options that provide fewer “empty calories” and better nutritional value. Coconut water is the ideal ingredient!


Check out these 100% juice blend formulas that remain 100% juice, full of electrolytes and low in calories.

Orange Coconut 100% Juice Blend

· Orange Juice- 50%

· iTi Coconut Water- 50%


Strawberry Guava 100% Juice Blend

· Strawberry Juice- 25%

· Guava Juice- 25%

· iTi Coconut Water- 50%


Coconut Pineapple 100% Juice Blend

· iTi Pineapple Juice- 50%

· iTi Coconut Water- 50%


iTi Tropicals offers a wide variety of coconut water products. To learn more about what iTi Tropicals’ coconut water can do for your product line, check out our coconut water product page and our coconut water FAQs.

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