Coconut Water Concentrate

By: iTi Innovation


Coconut is a bountiful fruit – it bears coconut water, coconut cream, and coconut oil. Explore the benefits of the most hydrating of the three – coconut water – with the iTi Innovation Team.

Coconut water is the translucent liquid extracted from inside of a coconut (not to be confused with coconut cream or coconut milk which is extracted from fresh coconut meat). Coconut water has a mild taste and aroma. It blends seamlessly with other juices because it does not compete for flavor. And, thanks to its translucency, it won’t affect the color of your juice applications.

In light of the challenges the juice industry has been facing recently regarding high sugar and caloric content of juices and its negative effects on public health, iTi Tropicals is confident that coconut water could be the answer. Coconut water is recognized as 100% juice and is a solution for crafting lower calorie juice blends that are innovative yet simple.

In addition to slashing the sugar and caloric content of your beverage formula while maintaining a 100% juice claim, opting to utilize coconut water concentrate over single strength coconut water in your formula will give your brand a sustainable edge. iTi Tropicals’ 60 ⁰ Brix coconut water concentrates are made by taking single strength coconut water and passing it through flash evaporation to remove the water. The use of coconut water concentrate vs. single strength coconut water is a more eco-friendly choice. It takes 18x more ocean containers to ship single-strength coconut water compared to 1 container to transport the concentrated equivalent.

Add water to iTi Tropicals’ coconut water concentrate to dilute to single strength with ease for inclusion in your  product. Since the FDA has not yet issued a single-strength standard for juice made from coconut water concentrate, it requires manufacturers to use the soluble solid contents of single-strength (un-concentrated) juice used to produce such concentrated juice. In order to dilute coconut water to single strength, you must first decide the single strength ⁰ Brix level you would like to achieve. We’ve created the table below to demonstrate different dilutions of 60 ⁰ Brix coconut water concentrate to single strength depending on the desired ⁰ Brix level you would like to achieve.

Starting with 60 °Brix Coconut Water Concentrate by Volume

Desired °Brix Level 60 °Brix Coconut Water Concentrate Water
5.0 1 mL 13.2 mL
4.5 1 mL 14.9 mL
4.2 1 mL 16.0 mL
4.0 1 mL 17.0 mL
3.8 1 mL 18.1 mL

Please note: These ratios are determined by volume, to formulate with weight, account for specific gravity.

iTi Tropicals offers a wide variety of coconut water products. To learn more about what iTi Tropicals’ coconut water can do for your product line, check out our coconut water product page and our coconut water FAQs.

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