Build the Perfect Non-Dairy Ice Cream Sundae!

By: iTi Innovation


Take a look at a list of iTi Tropicals’ Top 9 Toppings:


1. Passionfruit Glaze

Blend 50% iTi Tropicals Clarified Passionfruit Concentrate with 50% Honey to increase viscosity and cut tartness.


2. Caramel Sauce

Substitute cream and butter for non-dairy products such as iTi Tropicals Virgin Coconut Oil and iTi Tropicals Coconut CreamNot only will it intrigue vegans, it will intrigue taste buds as well.


3. Chocolate Fudge

Just like caramel, substituting dairy ingredients in the production of chocolate fudge with iTi Tropicals Virgin Coconut Oil and iTi Tropicals Coconut Cream will taste scrumptious and expand your consumer base.


4. Guava Glaze

Heat and whisk iTi Tropicals Guava Puree and sugar together until combined for a unique topping with a sweet pay-off.  


5. Banana Syrup

Mix 30% iTi Tropicals Clarified Banana Concentrate and 70% Maple syrup together and serve warm or cool.


6. Açaí

iTi Tropicals Pureed Açaí has a gritty texture that when blended, will hold its shape.  Treat this sundae topping like caramel or chocolate and drizzle on top.

Tropical Tip: Açaí and chocolate pair perfectly together!


7. Coconut Dices

Add more coconut than just shavings; sprinkle some of iTi Tropicals Coconut Dices atop!


8. Wet Walnuts –

Soak walnuts in iTi Tropicals Pineapple Juice Concentrate for a sweetly infused crunchy topping.


9. Coconut Whipped Cream

This is another great way to add a traditional topping that accommodates non-dairy diets. Check out our blog for a great recipe.

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