Beat the Heat with This Summertime Treat!

By: iTi Innovation

 Fireworks don’t have to be the only thing wowing the crowd this Fourth of July!


Popsicles are an all-American treat that consumers of every age can enjoy. The Innovation Team at iTi created a tropical popsicle full of nutrient-packed ingredients to help you stay cool and festive for the holiday.


iTi Tropicals’ flavors will set your product apart. Try combining guava, mango, and lime for a refreshing tropical escape. Keep it classic with banana for a creamy, healthy treat. Really take it to the next level with tangy passionfruit.


Get that unique nutty, chocolatey flavor when you blend with popular superfruit, açaí. And if you want to avoid all the extra coloring and chemicals use dragonfruit, known for its bold pink color and subtly sweet melon flavor, to make your popsicles pop.


In addition to fun flavors, adding coconut water to popsicles can help consumers stay hydrated this summer season. Coconut water is low in sugar and high in electrolytes, making it the perfect popsicle base on sweltering summer days.


For adults, popsicle made or enjoyed with alcohol are known as “poptails.” They sure to be a hit at barbecues and beaches during the hot summer months. Try adding in iTi ingredients to your poptails to sweeten up your party and shake up your menu.


While the combinations are endless, the iTi Innovation team decided to bring the tropics to America with a fun firecracker-inspired treat. We used dragonfruit to color our coconut milk, which brings a red-ish hue to our tribute to the flag.


To make the white color, we diluted our 24% Coconut cream with coconut water to make an opaque, yet refreshing coconut layer. Finally, we suspended whole blueberries in our coconut water for a different texture and added hydration.


Try all of these tropical techniques in your products this season!