Add Clarified Juices to Your Summer Brews, Cocktails (or Mocktails) and More

By: iTi Innovation

Calling all product developers! Spice up your summer sips with iTi’s clarified fruit juices! iTi Tropicals offers several clarified tropical fruit juice concentrates that are especially well-suited for incorporation into beers, wines, spirits and mocktails. These fruit juice concentrates evoke a tropical state of mind and blend beautifully into your beverage applications.

Our clarified juices are processed in such a way that the solids are removed, while maintaining a bright fruit flavor. The particulates and fruit fibers are filtered out, which can potentially oxidize and affect color and flavor when processed. Clarified products have a drier and deeper flavor than their single strength counterparts which makes them perfect for applications that desire a richer impact with full-bodied flavor.

A key advantage of using clarified juice is the ability to formulate translucent beverages and products with no sedimentation. Additionally, there is less interaction with other ingredients, and tons of ease when it comes to blending and processing. Another benefit is the usage level – you can use a smaller amount of the product while still making juice content claims. Try adding clarified versions of tropical fruit ingredients to enhance clear beverages, both alcoholic and non!

While beverages may be the go-to application for clarified products, they are also excellent in sauces, marinades, sour cream and yogurts, both dairy and plant based. They provide a light color and an excellent fruit flavor that is sure to differentiate your applications. Check out our infographic guide to clarified juice products and reach out to iTi’s Innovation Team to help spark some new ideas for your product portfolio!

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