Increased Shelf-Life and Consumer Benefits: Why 2018 is the Year for Acerola

By: iTi Innovation


As 2017 comes to an end, innovators and marketers are looking ahead to new food and beverage trends that are expected to break through in the new year. This year, Food Processing magazine has named Acerola one of the Emerging Ingredients For 2018, and we agree that this ingredient is on the rise – both in popularity, as well as in its benefits for consumers. Why? Our innovation experts explain below.

  1. Acerola’s Vitamin C Content is Off the Charts.

Acerola is packing some serious Vitamin C. This small, deep-red, cherry-like fruit comes from the West Indies, Brazil, and the Caribbean. It is one of the world’s most potent sources of Vitamin C and bio-flavonoids. For example, just 150 grams of single strength acerola contains twenty-five times the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C. Offer consumers a product with higher Vitamin C content and more natural ingredients with acerola.

  1. Acerola Offers a Cleaner Label.

Consumers and R&D teams continue to strive for clean labels: fewer ingredients, no artificial flavors or additives, earth-friendly, healthy, and natural sources of vitamins and nutrients. Rather than adding ascorbic acid in your product and on your nutritional label, try including acerola as an ingredient which is inherently high in natural vitamin C. Acerola can be a solution in working towards a clean, simple and nutritious label.

  1. There Are a Variety of Acerola Application Possibilities.

iTi Tropicals’ acerola puree concentrate, also available as a clarified juice concentrate, can be added to vitamin gummies to help consumers achieve their daily recommended intake of Vitamin C. Acerola puree is 100% juice, reinforcing this claim when added to other juices. We recommend pairing it with mango and pineapple juice, as its tart flavor contrasts nicely with the sweetness.

Try it in smoothies too! Acerola reduces the pH and increases shelf life without imparting a citrus flavor that is commonly associated with ascorbic acid. It mixes nicely with jellies and jams, making for a tasty pairing with crostini, cheeses, and other similar appetizers. A new year should mean new products, and Acerola can help you create products that succeed.


At iTi Tropicals, we supply the most ethically-sourced and highest-quality exotic fruit ingredients. Request a sample of our Acerola product today, and join us as a part of the acerola 2018 ingredient trend!

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